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Olay Cellucent Whitening Essence

Time for another review of the day,Gotta try and get these reviews done for my readers.This review might seem more out standing than other, this is against my “as natural as possible” rule.I have my reasons why i wanted to review something non organic completely systhetic i know it is bad for my skin.Olay is well known for their whitening ever since the older line of whitening products the effcts is almost perfect everytime this is no dissapointment.Ths serum uses a high tech whitening technology that diminishes dark spots at its root quickly and effective even greatly lighten spots you already have in 2 weeks.It also moisturises greatly with vitamin B3 extract.This comes with a price tag of S$59.90 available at watsons.I have to say this is expensive and it is for intensive whitening.

          This has a dripper applicator for precise application.This instantly brightens and whitens your skin like a bright light must i say a really bright light in your skin, my skin turned lighter by one shade in a instant it scared me a little i looked sick and pale but you will get use to it.However it last throughout the day which is great if you get alot of sun exposure and you tan easily(despite wearing sunscreen)which is how my skin is like at times.It practically erased my acne scarring and open pores.This would be great for ladies who are older wanting a mega powerful whitening serum i highly recommend it is you suffer from dark spots.Be careful about the amount you use as you squeeze it out from the dripper,you might exceed the required amount,it is really concentrated.

My verdict:80%-For older ladies with uneven skin tone and dark spots,this will fix it and hello luminous skin.

              50%-for younger ladies not yet suffering from such problems like very uneven skin tone and dark spots,works great for acne scarring.This is one big investment for your skin,it is difficult to upkeep.



Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening essence

Time for another review,I apologise for being MIA for the last two weeks.I do miss blogging but the assignments bog me down pretty badly.This is my second review of a product from Hado Labo,i love this brand for a few reasons it does not contains any mineral oil,fragrance,colourant free also alcohol free.It also greatly respects the skin natural Ph with low irritation.Another thing about this is the price it is relatively cheap for the quality the product(Really wallet friendly).The price of this is S$30.90 available from watsons.

           The active ingredients in this essence is just Vitamin C and Arbutin essence.We all know that vitamin C helps even out skin tone and fights of skin free radicals,a time tested anti-aging ingredient.This essence has a double vitamin C complex making it extra beneficial.The next active ingredient in this essence is Arbutin,I did some research on Arbutin it is a natural pear berry extract it is another natural alternative to skin lightening.It inhibits tyrosinase which in long term prevents the formation of melanin(the skin pigment that cause dark spots in your skin) leading to fairer lighter skin.

          Base on the packinging it does double whitening,repair and deep moisturising.I have to say it moistirises really well you just know from the first usage.The effectx of whitening is slow but sureyou might not see any improve ment in skin tone for close to a week it is smooth sailing it lightens your skin in a way that it is not very overpowering like pasty white but a natural glow i must say.I did feel some of the effects of repair in my skin it did help cope with my acne recovery and helped lighten the scars after making it less visible not invisible(maybe 50% less visible).Overall this is a great whitening serum great for just basic whitening if you are looking for medium lightening of your skin,the natural result is a plus.

My Verdict:60%-passable but great for readers beginning to try skin lightening products.The very basic kind of whitening.



Beauty tips from around the world

        Hey guys i am back with another blog post,this time with beauty from all over the world which does not only include skin care also makeup so here we go.

        Number 1:this tip is from australia,the strong sun in australia is the main cause of many skin cancers and also a main cause of aging.Don’t just protect your face make sure to apply some on your neck and the back of your hands , as this two ares shows the the first few signs of age and ages the fastest.

        Number 2:those mani and pedis we do over our life time can look pretty but it can also be really damaging to your nails.French women includes cheese,nuts,garlic and onions which are rich in a vitamin than norishes and enriches the nail from the inside out which means more mani and pedi’s for you.

         Number 3:this is a greek beauty tip,which is possibly the hand saving for ladies with dry skin.Rub the lemoons pith on your hands which can instantly relieve dry and flaky skin.Warning it does sting but it works,lemons naturally contains citrus oil which is high in vitamin c whic helps to hydrates and protect the skin.It also contains citric acid naturally which can gently exfoliate your skin.


           Number 4:this is a secret of many british women’s cleansing routine it is the Eve lom cleanser.It is a cleanser,eye make up remover,toner and mild exfoliator.This multitasker sound really good i might try it some time wouldn’t you?

           Number 5:French women are classy with their lipstick,loving a classic red.The good thing a red lipstick instantly makes you look more awake,sexy and it is timeless need i say more?

         Number 6:Coming from the exotic and beautifully mysterious india.It’s rich culture and herbs.this DIY mask for oily skin consisit of 1 table spoon of scandalwood powder,a pinch of tumeric and a few table spoon of orange juice.Apply to face and neck and rinse with cool water when dry,replace orange juice with rose water if you have normal skin.

Ahhhh rose water….

          Number 7:Afgan women blessed with the most strikingly beautiful eyes,just rims their eyes with eye kohl,traditionally wore alone.Your eyes will speak on its own simple.

          Number 8:The very first step of many French women starts their day off with a spritz of rose water or tonic water in the morning.With rose water a well-known and well loved beauty ingredient for centuries,it beautifies the skin has a natural source of vitamin C,smells great,anti-septic,very norishing for the skin and a anti-depressent what not to love?

        Number 9:This little greek tip will make you skin look flawless and what you use will surprise you mix a little bit of foundation into a tin of nivea skin cream and it works better than any tinted moisturiser you can buy.

       Number 10:Garlic is known to strenghten your nails form the inside however,by placing a peeled and chopped garlic into your bottle of clear base coat will instantly strenghten weaken nails,and help weak nail in the long term.

         Number 11:Beautiful hair is a staple of indian women,their secret is apply oil in their hair once a week and leaving it in for five minutes and rinsing it out.It can be olive oil,coconut oil,jojoba(ho-ho-ba) oil,almond oil even olive oil.

        Number 12:A glass of winw from time to time does not harm,the French women swear by that.The healthy antioxidants and polyphenols in tjem helps to keep them healthy and glowing from the inside out.

        Number13:The rich natural emolient of coconut milk is the secret to indian womens long,thick and healthy hair.Rub into scalp and leave it in for one hour maybe slightly longer than that and rinse out.Sounds really good to me like a at home spa to me,who doesn’t love that.

        Now after this beauty tour around the world i hope that it was fun.Have fun being a international beauty with this post and enjoy,cheers!!!


Aging eyes?

         Our eyes are usually one of the first places that shows our age the first apart from our hands.It is also one of those places that losses its elsaticity the faster apart from our neck,places around the mouth and cheeks.Being the window to our souls people can not easily tell our emotions from there but also because of that any dullness in that area also contributes to a tired looking face.The skin aroundthe eyes it has practcally no oil glands and the skin is the thinnest on our face as well.There are many diffrent common problem that are associated with the eye are it gets really tricky,we have puffiness,dark eye circles and fine lines.

        Puffiness in the eyes is caused by water tension in the under eye area,and it does not drain fom the eye area as quickly espacially in the early mornings(who’s with me looking like a gold fish in the morning).However, the size of your eye bags can be inherited from your parents so sometimes mother nature wins.

         Drakness in the eyes, is caused by bad blood circulation,even breakage of tiny blood vessels that leak and it shows up as a dark area under the eyes.Lack of sleep is usually the main cause of this problem,we however cannot solve it entirely but only reduce.

          Fine lines or deep set wrinkles around the eyes , it will haooen to anyone at some point in their lives but it is largely due to the reduction of collagen and elastin around the eye area.It could also be a sign that you are not hydrating your eye area enough.Sun damage is a major factor in this department of eye aging.

             To prevent or fix the above this is what you should do……….

           ONE:Wear sunglasses with labled UV 400,looking for large frames for maximum protection,ro be really sure wear a eye cream with at least a SPF 30 in it you cxan never be too cautious.

         TWO:Our eyes need Anti-oxidants too applying a anti-oxidant rich eye cream helps to not only repair the damage from skin free radicals but also to protect the adverse effects fron the sun and pollution.

         THREE:Like the rest of our skin we need anti-oxidant protection in the day time and retinol at night, known to stimulate collagen production reducing the look of wrinkles not only on our face but also on our eyes.Just make sure it come in a aluminium tube or opaque pump bottle it make the retinol more stable.

         FOUR:Sleep with a extra pillow under your head it will elevate your head prevent fluid collection not only in your eyes but also your face.

         FIVE:A overkill of eye cream might sound like a good idea in your head but it will cause itchy eyes next morning,making your already big looking eye bags look even bigger.

highly raved and well loved by many

         SIX:look for a skin tightening ingredient in your eye cream if you are struggling with saggy lids argireline, GABA, or DMAE. Although no immeadiate fix but it benefits in a long run.

        SEVEN:if you need a fix in a hurry look for a eye primer with silicone it helps to fill in those lines to make your self look younger in a pinch.

        EIGHT:Picking the right concealer while it is really your eye cream that does all the work a little concealer always helps.just make sure it is creamy enough not pasty.Counter blue or purple dark eye circles with a yellow based shade concealer.If it has a brown shade to it look for a peachy colour.

       NINE:Wearing bright,dark of shimmery eye make up can make your eyes look larger which is not good if your have big swollen or dark eyes even both.Look for a matte eye shadow that is slightly darker that your skin tone and sweep all over lids and on lower lashline it make them look less obvious.

         I am about to start school really soon and i really will miss days of relaxation and blogging but as a student i must stick to that, i might not blog as much as now but i will try to keep up to pace.I hope that this was helpful to my readers who are facing this problem you are not alone,cheers.



      There are fool poof ways to helps with your skin tone just look for the following skin lightening ingredients.From the most common vitamin C to the all natural licorice extract to kojic acid and arbutin extract a natural pearberry extract that naturally lightens uneveness.(just take note of the portion in bold)


New sunscreen rules

       Sunscreen is like our best friend(if it is not it better be from now) we love that it is like a soldier against premature aging.but just randomly applying sun screen might be fool proof but let’s fine tune that protection shall we?

        Number 1:Apply sunscreen every where, not just your face.Places like your hairline,earlobes, hands, scalp , the back of your hands.Just any where you see skin showing.Skin cancer oten occurs along the hairline,earlobes annd hands.Your hands are also one of the places that shows you age first.

for the sensitive ladies

           Number 2:Sunscreen works better when absorbed in your skin.when it is absorbed  it can works better wothout it coming of your skin almost offering no protection at all.       

          Number 3:Don’t forget your eyes, another area we show the very first sign of aging protect it well just getly appy any residue sunscreen from your face onto your eyes. Or save time and get a sunscreen with SPF in it.

       Number 4:Place emphasise on your cheekbones,nose bridge forehead and cheeks plcaes that are in contact with the sun the most as they are most likely to get more sun that any place on your face.

       Number 5: If you are a sun protection freak( like me).After your chemical sunscreen apply on another layer of non-chemical sunscreen to add to the protection now it is sun proof.

        Number 6:Reflections of any kind has UV rays including computer screens,reflection of the ground and even snow so protect yourself all season all season all year long no matter where you are.

       Thease are the new rules i have for sun protection i hope that this is a fun read for the summer.So that’s all for me today will be back with a new post soon will let you know soon.



        In my previous post i have mentioned that oils are essential in any skin care rolutine(even oily skin).The product that i am gonna introduce today is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate , the price of this item is S$90. This cocktail of amazingly caring skin oils replenishes,restore, brighten and revitalises the skin.Leading to younger,smoother feeling skin, i also have found it really moisturising for the skin leaving it more supple and radiant.

          My Experience:The reason why i bought this is due to the many ads i saw in magazines and many reviews plus i personally tested the product at the store.What really sucked me in was the fact that it is nt only organic(yes i love all things organic),it contains a mix of primrose oil,lavender oil and a highly refined moisturising ingredient from olive oil.There are many more healthy oils in it but thease three are the main active ingredients.The primrose oil has essential fatty acids and omega-6 which the body also naturally produce,it is also really norishing and a excellent skin beautifier and helps with the natural skin barrier. The lavender oil the smell helps with stress relieve and helps sooth redness, anti-septic and is also known for whitening properties.The olive oil extract is easily absorbed by the skin as it is really similar to our natural oils in our skin.i just warm three drops in my hand and message it in before i put anything in my face at night it kinda helps to set the tone for the rest of my skin care routine.I use it together with my caudalie moisturising concentrate sometimes and it is like i have a done a facial. I love that it does not clog my pores or cause breakouts.The fact that it is %99.8 organic is just awesome.I now do not know how to live without it amazing.

MY VERDICT:100%-The price may be a little steep but it is all worth it and this bottle can last pretty long.I am not going anywhere without this.



      If those stubborn lines around your mouth is bothering you,use your anti-aging eye cream on those lines and watch them fade without spending more!!!


Oils our skin little luxuries

        Hi it is me once again, today i am busting misconceptions of adding oils in your skin care routine.The common misunderstanding about skin oils sold commecially today is that it will make your skin more oily(right “as if your skin is not oily enough” that is what you would be thinking now).However, surprise surprise it is the best thing to happen to human skin.I am directing to those who have combination or oily skin, when you starve your skin from any external oil it will produce more oil to replace the lack of oil(hello shiny, and greasy skin).The result will be more clogged pores and black/white heads and we all know how much trouble those can be.The truth is we only produce very little sebum in our skin mostly oil so now who do you think cause those nasty acne and those heads.Needless for me to mention oils are very important to sensitive,dry/mature skin they can sooth the skin and hydrate and norish the skin.

        The truth is our skin has a natural moisture and oil bank to keep our skin hydrated(the reason we dont have dry crackly skin when we are much younger), nut this does not mean that we dont need any external moisture.In organic skin care and many facials skin oils are like god’s gift of natural emolient deeply hydrates and norish the skin even helps with acne.The most common kind of oil that is found in skin care could be olive oil,almond oil,grapeseed oil,rose hip oil,tea tree oil,evening primrose oil,lavender oil and vitamin E oil. I might have missed out a few but those are just a few examples.Adding at least one organic skin oil into your skin care routine is so essential it works really well unexpectedly( well at least for me). If you are worried that it might not absorb into your skin well no worries natural oils like those mentioned above will be instantly absorbed into your skin as it is very similar to the oils in your skin and reducing the need for your skin to produce any more oil so no more greasy skin(yay).As we age those oil and moisture banks in our skin will gradually deplete thus we feel that our skin feels drier as we get older.I have been using this method for over a year and it has been working wonders for my skin it is more supple and smooth, amazing!!!!(trust me)

        Oils are also often mixed together when sold like maybe rose and lavender, or evening primerose, rose and lavender.Just to name a few there are a ton of mixtures available or make your own but please study all your options and mix after not mixing random oils together.have fun!!!

          That is all i have to day about oils for our skin and i will be introducing a oil product in my next post that ladies will love.



         Second review of the day,kinda helps to ease those monday blues.I have found a new love for multi-purpose dry oil and this is a review of my virgin bottle of dry oil NUXE Paris Multi-Usage Dry Oil. This pretty looking bottle is really precious i bought this in the largest size 3.3 fl oz.They also sell one in a small and medium bottle, so go check it out if you guys are intrested.It is really easy to use just pump our the amount you want warm in your hands and message in to skin.It retails for S$68 more on the pricey side.

         My Experience: I use this on my face,dry areas on my body(elbows and knees).I use one pump on my face and neck day and night,one pump for dry spots on my body.It is absorbed instantly giving your skin a sheen a glow if you would like to call it.leaving it satiny soft and smooth.Works excellent on dry spots.I also use this on my hair espacially on the ends, i use about 3-4 pumps for my whole head of hair.focusing on the ends and using fingers to then spread to the rest of the hair.The result super shiny and soft hair.Not only does it instantly absorbes into your skin it also smells amazing that earthy sweet scent of sweet almond oil.It contains 6 precious oils and vitamin E in concentrated amounts.I would say that this pretty awesome i have used it for face,body and hair considering the amount i have used in one month it is pretty good.

           My Verdict:60%-It is really priecy not for the faint hearted even i have though for quite a while before buying this,but i guess you pay for what you get amazing but really expensive.